In an   effort to get up-to-date information to interested parties as quickly and   cost effectively as possible, SAGA has established an Email Information Network. The network works as follows: as press releases, information updates, etc. become available they will be emailed to members in the network with the request and on the understanding that they in turn will email them to anyone they know who might be interested and/or affected.

This   system will ensure wide dissemination of information awareness of the work   that SAGA is doing on your behalf; generate wide interest and potential SAGA   members; spread some of the work load to the members – writing letters, sending emails, etc; and develop a feedback system.

Since   its inception in March 2000, the network has proved invaluable particularly with regard to spreading urgent messages about the Firearms Control Bill and similar legislative matters.
Note: Messages are sent in the language in which they are received.

If you would like to join our Information Network, please fill in the form.


Please note that we are ultra critical of spamming our list members and only essential informational notices will be sent out, or where urgent responses are needed or required.