All paid-up SAGA members have R1 000 000 of public liability cover where any members becomes legally liable for damages caused by the use of licensed firearms to third party persons and/or property, on recognised firing ranges. Cover is restricted to the use of such firearms on recognised firing ranges under a registered gun club auspices and/or any permitted shooting event within South Africa.

The use of reloaded ammunition is allowed.

Specific exclusions include:-
Any claims occurring outside of the territorial limits of South Africa,
Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Malawi.
Claims, which are not legally enforceable.
Liability to any employee of the Insured or member of the same household
Damage to any property belonging to the Insured.
Any Liability assumed under contract agreement.

Do all your members have proper cover? The new Firearms Control Act puts pressure on gun owners to participate in 'formal' shooting sports - this will put pressure on your facilities.  The easiest way to ensure all the shooters on your ranges have good cover (note that this is not All Risks cover) is to get them to show a current SAGA membership card. Talk to our office for simplifying procedures to get all your members on board.